Michelle Rodriguez Hypes Dungeons And Dragons And Reveals The Fast And Furious Co-Star Who’s a Hardcore Fan Of The Game

Michelle Rodriguez, Justice Smith, and Chris Pine having a conversation in the woods, on horseback in Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves.
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Dungeons and Dragons has been around since the 1970s but it’s possible it has never been quite as popular as it is today. The game has seen a significant boost in popularity with D&D games now being regularly streamed online, and being played by some major names. Now a new Dungeons and Dragons movie, Honor Among Thieves, is on the way to capitalize on the game’s recent success, and one person who we expect will be first in line to see it is one Mr. Vin Diesel.

While Vin Diesel is one of Hollywood’s biggest action stars, a lot of his fans will know he is also a big nerd. He’s never hidden his love for Dungeons & Dragons, but it’s his Fast & Furious co-star Michelle Rodriguez who is actually in the D&D movie. She recently spoke with ET about the first time she met Diesel, and learned right off the bat what a huge D&D fan he is. She explained… 

He's a dungeon master, bro, like you have no idea. When I first met Vin, I'm over at his house and I'm like, 'Dude, what is up with your closet full of D&D dungeon master paraphernalia?' And he's like, 'Yeah, I'm a dungeon master... He doesn't mess around.

It’s a slippery slope that all Dungeons and Dragons fans tend to fall into. If you get into the game you’re just going to end up with a closet full of stuff. You’ll end up with so many books, and maps and grid mats and tiny figures. And then you need the paint to paint the figures. And of course, let’s not forget dice. You can never have too many dice, and believe me, people have tried.

While Vin Diesel has never hidden his love for D&D, there are probably a lot of people who are not aware of his love for the game. If you’re just a passing fan of Diesel, somebody who enjoys the Fast and Furious films or the Riddick movies and moves on, there’d be no reason to know he’s actually a massive geek. He’s not the only one. Joe Manganiello founded a streetwear line inspired by the game. Manganiello himself had tried to get a D&D movie made before this effort began moving forward. 

As a fan of D&D myself, I’m looking forward to Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves. The movie has an incredible cast including Michelle Rodriguez, Chris Pine, and more, and it includes some of D&D’s most iconic creatures that can be seen in the first trailer. But beyond that, it looks to have perfectly matched the tone of most actual D&D games, in that it looks like it’s trying to be a serious fantasy adventure, that is unable to avoid being a bit silly. This is real Dungeons & Dragons. Vin Diesel gets it.

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