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One Disney Park Has Added Drones To It's Nighttime Spectacular, And It's Amazing

Happily Ever After fireworks at Magic Kingdom
(Image credit: Walt Disney World)

Anyone who has been to a Disney theme park knows that there are countless magical sights to be seen. From real-life Disney princesses to state-of-the-art rides and rollercoasters, the parks offer something for pretty much anyone. Still, the team responsible for keeping things exciting at are constantly rolling out new attractions – and the latest is especially stunning. And now one Disney park has incorporated drones into their nighttime light show, and the results are spectacular.

Disneyland Paris has been undergoing some big changes lately. From Disney Princess-themed hotel updates to a not-so-popular change to the park’s menu, there has been a range of responses to the updates and upgrades. But the latest new attraction is likely to be a crowd pleaser. Disney D-Light gives visitors a stunning look at the park’s 30th anniversary logo floating above Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, all thanks to some brilliantly placed drones. Check it out in the tweet down below:

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Disney Parks has always been innovative when it comes to its nighttime light and fireworks displays, so it’s not surprising that the company is using drones to take them to another level. But it’s still so cool to see them on display like this. The fact that the park’s anniversary logo bears such a strong resemblance to Mickey’s iconic mouse ears is another perk – it gives the whole show that extra touch. 

According to WDW News Today, there are about 200 drones on display during the presentation, which is a four-minute long preshow for the Disney Illuminations night-time spectacular (opens in new tab). The drones are also used to make a floating orb with a Mickey Mouse logo later on in the program: 

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Basically, it looks like the new light show is well worth the time spent after hours at the park (if you’re into the magic of drones). What a cool way for Disneyland Paris to commemorate the 30th anniversary – and it’s not the only park that’s been rolling out exciting new night-time attractions, either. 

A new show at Epcot premiered last fall, albeit to mixed reactions. And the belated celebrations are well underway for the park’s monumental 50th anniversary, which include a goosebumps-inducing fireworks show

It’s safe to say that Disney fans love their nighttime spectaculars. Thousands of visitors gather nightly, after spending a long, hot day in the sun, to get a glimpse of these shows. After the parks reopened following COVID-related closures, there was a notable increase in park reservations when Disney World announced it was bringing fireworks back, too. 

If you can’t make it all the way to Disneyland Paris to catch the drone show in Disney D-Light, you’re probably not alone. But there are still plenty of cool new Disney World attractions to be seen, day or night, in 2022.