A Disneyland Park Loses A Little Magic As Favorite Mickey Food Item Is Dropped In Favor Of Something Generic, But There’s Good News

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While most people’s focus when visiting a Disney theme park is the attractions, one thing that is never overlooked is the food. From corn dogs to Mickey Mouse ice cream bars there are lots of iconic foods that people are sure to eat on any visit. But one of those items, the Mickey Mouse waffle, is no longer available at Disneyland Park at Disneyland Paris -- though apparently it will only be gone briefly. 

The Mickey Mouse waffle is a popular breakfast item at most Disney Parks, you’ll find them at basically any buffet or anyplace that serves traditional breakfast at Disneyland Resort or Walt Disney World. However, at Disneyland Park at Disneyland Paris the item was only actually available in a single place, but as of yesterday, as DLP Report revealed on Twitter, they had been replaced with something less than iconic. 

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It’s clear from the tone in the tweet, that its writer is less than thrilled with the state of food and beverage at Disneyland Paris. There’s a clear belief that this change was made because the replacement is easier, and therefore cheaper, to produce. 

On the Walt Disney Company’s last earnings call, CFO Christine McCarthy made the comment that as the parks looked for new ways to increase profits, they might try reducing portions or other ways of reducing costs within F&B, rather than to simply increase prices. While no specific plan was revealed, it would be easy to draw a connection between these ideas and this decision.

But on the plus side, the lack of Mickey Mouse waffles at Disneyland Park at Disneyland Paris is not a permanent thing. The waffles are still available at Walt Disney Studios Park. In addition, the waffles will also return at the other park. The decision has just been made to move the waffle to a new location. They’ll be back next week, though it’s unknown where.

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Based on some comments on the original tweets, it seems that Mickey Mouse waffles are not the iconic item that they are stateside, which explains why there’s only been one place to get them. You can actually buy Mickey Mouse waffle irons domestically if you can’t stand to be without those three circles. Still, the fact that the item is being moved, and the fact that there is going to be a period where the item is not available at all is still a little strange.

It’s difficult to argue that over the last year or so the Disney Parks have been losing something. From the replacement of FastPass with the paid option Genie+, to the reservation system making park visits less spontaneous, there’s a feeling from many that Disney parks are feeling less magical than they once were. 

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