Rebel Wilson Responds After Australian Council Condemns Journalist For Nearly Outing Her

Rebel Wilson in Senior Year
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Being a celebrity can be a tricky thing. While it comes with fame and fortune, that notoriety can make one’s personal life into a public affair. That happened recently with Pitch Perfect actress Rebel Wilson, who was forced to come out with her same-sex relationship after Sydney Morning Herald journalist Andrew Hornery reportedly threated to break the news himself. And now Wilson has responded after the Australian Press Council ruled in her favor regarding the outing.

Rebel Wilson revealed her relationship with girlfriend Ramona Agruma back in June. While the post itself was adorable, it was later revealed that she came out because the Sydney Morning Herald would have alternatively run a story and outed her in the process. But now that those actions have been condemned by the APC, Wilson once again took to Instagram. She responded, posting:

Well, there you have it. While Rebel Wilson clarifies that she didn’t actually seek any legal action against the publication, she’s happy that her situation was officially deemed as unethical by the Australian Press Council. For his part, the journalist has personally admitted to wrongdoing. And now hopefully she and her partner can move on from the affair; they certainly seem super happy.

Rebel Wilson posted the above image on her Instagram, sharing the sweet image of herself and Ramona Agruma to her whopping 11.2 million followers on the social media outlet. While the two are clearly a happy couple, Wilson admitted that having to come out the way they did cause them “distress.” But that doesn’t mean she’s focusing on the negative, with Wilson also revealing that they’ve moved on and are counting their blessings.

This is surely a happy ending in what could have been an even worse situation. Coming out is an important process for many LGBTQ+ folks, and being outed is a violation that can leave some serious emotional scars. While Rebel Wilson seems to be in a good place, it’s no doubt vindicating for the Australian Press Council to condemn the actions of the journalist who nearly told her story themself. 

While comments on Rebel Wilson’s recent Instagram post are turned off, smart money says that they would have been filled with encouraging words from colleagues and fans alike. The public has been behind the Senior Year actress since she revealed her relationship with Ramona Agruma over the summer. And hopefully the ruling by the APC will hep dissuade this type of outing from happening to another queer celeb in the future.

Rebel Wilson has two developing projects coming together, named Rocking the Boat and K-Pop: Lost in America. She also recently celebrated the release of Senior Year on Netflix. In the meantime, check out the 2022 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience. 

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