Pitch Perfect: 8 Random Thoughts I Had While Rewatching This Musical Comedy Classic

Rebel Wilson and Anna Kendrick in Pitch Perfect
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You know those moments in your life where you realize just how much time has passed? Rewatching the first Pitch Perfect did that for me recently, because only now did I realize that this film came out in 2012. Ten years ago. I was a freshman in high school. 

I don’t even think I saw Pitch Perfect in the theater when it came out, mainly because it was a sleeper hit and wasn’t heavily marketed, so I was one of the many who ended up seeing it once it began appearing on television not that long after. Instantly, it became one of my favorite films to watch repeatedly. After watching for the umpteenth time, I started to assemble the serious thoughts about this film that I knew I had to share. 

Anna Kendrick in Pitch Perfect.

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Anna Kendrick Was The Perfect Choice To Lead Pitch Perfect

I mean, can you imagine anyone else playing Beca? While I love the whole Pitch Perfect cast, and Anna Kendrick had been in a few movies before, such as her small part in the Twilight cast, or her acclaimed role in Up in the Air, but Pitch Perfect is what made her a household name for Beca's brash attitude, killer beats, and a secret heart of gold hidden underneath everything else. 

I can gladly say that I became a fan of Anna Kendrick after Pitch Perfect, and have watched her in many of her movies and television shows, including the HBO Max original series, Love Life, where she starred during Season 1. In every role, she truly embodies the character, but there’s just something about Beca in Pitch Perfect that stands out to me. 

The cast of Pitch Perfect.

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This Movie Is Definitely A Bit Dated Now

Again, Pitch Perfect came out in 2012. I know that’s hard to believe, but it seriously did - which means that some of the jokes are a little dated. 

I mean, from “Lesbi-honest” to using Cynthia as the token lesbian of the group (who grabs Stacey's breasts), it definitely has its moments that make me cringe a little now rather than laugh. Also, the amount of fat jokes for Rebel Wilson’s character, Patricia, otherwise known as “Fat Amy,” was a bit tasteless back then, and even more so now. 

Rebel Wilson and Anna Camp in Pitch Perfect.

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That Being Said, I’m So Glad This Movie Made Rebel Wilson A Star

Even though some of the comedy from Pitch Perfect is a little dated nowadays, I am so happy that because of the inclusion of Wilson’s character we got to see more of her after. While some of the jokes would be deemed inappropriate nowadays, there’s no denying that Rebel Wilson is still so funny in the way she delivers them. 

Honestly, good for her for seeing her career blow up after this film. She’s such a funny actress who deserves bigger roles, and I’m so happy to see her getting starring parts in films like Senior Year on Netflix, and even the Academy-Award winning film, Jojo Rabbit. I can’t wait to see what she does next. 

Anna Kendrick in Pitch Perfect.

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That “Cups” Song Seriously Changed A Generation

True story: there is legit a video of me out there on YouTube singing this damn cup song with my friends at a birthday party. Don’t look it up, it’s embarrassing as hell, but that just goes to show you how impactful this scene from Pitch Perfect was to a shy girl like me, which encouraged me to blatantly put myself on the internet performing it. 

While there are many awesome songs in Pitch Perfect - which we’ll get into in a second, “The Cup Song” that Beca sings for her audition for the Barden Bellas truly had nearly everyone across the country grabbing a red plastic cup and learning how to perform it. It was a revolution of cup music, if you will - and honestly, I wish we could go back to that time again. Life seemed a lot simpler. 

Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow in Pitch Perfect.

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Why Wasn’t That Strange Sexual Tension Between Chloe And Beca Ever Talked About? 

Look, I love Brittany Snow. I’ve seen her in so many of her roles in movies and on television. I even watched her in A24’s latest horror movie, X. And I really adored her in Pitch Perfect. But, is no one going to address that strange sexual tension that Beca and Snow’s character, Chloe, seemed to have? Especially in that shower scene? 

Seriously. Even throughout the series of three Pitch Perfect films, there have been so many hints that these two are into each other and yet nothing ever happened and I am still so upset. They had some strange sexual tension the first movie - and that only continued through the next films. Now that would have been some love story. 

Anna Kendrick in Pitch Perfect.

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I Love That “Don’t You Forget About Me” Moment So Much

I’m a fan of The Breakfast Club just as much as anyone else. I’ve followed The Breakfast Club cast for many years and watched so much of what they have done. So you can say I was very excited for this moment at the end of Pitch Perfect when Beca sings “Don’t You Forget About Me” for Jesse (Skylar Astin) with the Barden Bellas during the finals. 

It’s not just because I’m a fan of the original movie and song, either. It really shows great character development for Beca, who is learning to appreciate the likes and interests of other people and incorporate them into her own music and lifestyle, including that of her love interest. And when she raises that fist right back at him? Ugh, such a great moment. 

Ben Platt and Skylar Astin in Pitch Perfect.

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The Whole Soundtrack Was Done Fantastically Well 

I am dead serious when I say I don’t think I have listened to the original “Party in the U.S.A.” in the last ten years. Maybe at parties. Who knows? 

The soundtrack to Pitch Perfect is just fantastic. I don’t know who did the mixing for it, but every song and remix slaps, from “The Riff-Off” to the finale and “Right Round,” every cover is just so expertly done and it makes me want to dance each time I listen to these songs. Of course, we already went over “The Cup Song.” An icon, a legend - it was the moment. 

The cast of Pitch Perfect.

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They Really Didn’t Need To Make A Sequel - But I’m Glad They Did

I’m not the biggest fan of movie sequels unless they’ve already been planned as franchises - for example, the Harry Potter films were always destined to have sequels because it was based on an entire book series. Pitch Perfect wasn’t like that, and I could have been very happy with how it ended if I never got a sequel. 

It didn’t need a sequel, but a part of me is really glad they did make the first one. I actually enjoyed watching their stories continue from the original film into their later years of college, seeing them grow in their lives. I liked watching Beca’s internship, and the addition of the hilarious Keegan-Michael Key to the cast. It was a well-written continuation of the characters that we loved, and the stakes were upped, with a worldwide competition this time. 

I still think nothing can quite beat the first, but the second Pitch Perfect is a great continuation of the first film, despite it not necessarily requiring a sequel. 

Keep away from the third film, though. I’d rather not talk about that one. Let’s pretend that didn’t happen. 

Pitch Perfect was a generation-defining musical comedy for many women my age, and I can’t tell you how many times I have revisited this silly film just so I could smile and laugh and dance. 

It’s one of the few films my mom and I always sit down and make sure we watch together when it pops up on television, and for that, I’ll always be thankful - the two of us can practically quote the movie by heart now. With an apparent Pitch Perfect TV show in the works, who knows? Might not be that long before we get to listen to some sick a capella beats again.

It’s truly become one of my favorite movies - and if for some reason, you’ve never seen it before, be sure to watch. 

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