See Sylvester Stallone And Carl Weathers Face Off In The Ring In Cool Behind-The-Scenes Rocky Footage

Sylvester Stallone and Carl Weathers in Rocky
(Image credit: MGM)

Sylvester Stallone has been supplying fans of the Rocky franchise with some real treats over the past few months. The veteran actor recently released a Rocky IV Directors Cut that broke some pandemic records through its ticket presales, prompting the iconic actor to send out a very thankful message to fans. The franchise includes some of the most beloved and influential movies ever, and it even spawned the Creed franchise that continues to use the spirit of the older films to great effect. All the while, Stallone is still dropping goodies, as he recently shared some really amazing behind-the-scenes footage of him and Carl Weathers facing off in the ring while making the original 1976 film. 

The 75-year-old actor posted the footage on Instagram, that any fan would love. The footage seems to be part of a documentary special of sorts that was being filmed while production was underway, as it also shows the Rocky Balboa actor being asked questions. In the footage, the actor's younger counterpart talks about his career and what he wants out of the film. Check out the fantastic (and rare) footage for yourself down below:

Seeing Carl Weathers and Sylvester Stallone going at it is truly something to behold. The footage really shows off the hard work that went into making those big fights feel so grand and authentic. They aren’t pulling punches and are nailing the choreography that allows them to go all out and make every boxing movement seem real. We know that sometimes shots actually landed by accident, though, as Stallone told a story about how he almost died on the set of the fourth movie after getting hit with a shot from Dolph Lundgren.

Making the movies does come with a share of hazards, but that authenticity has helped the films stand the test of time and continue to be so iconic to this day. There's an extreme level of thoughtfulness that goes into each installment, and the Rocky actor himself exemplifies that in the vintage interview. He acknowledged that like his character, he was an underdog himself and risked his vision while starring in the first film. But I'd say that it all paid off and then some in the end. 

More than a few things have been revealed about the franchise as of late. A producer, for instance, recently shed some light on the initial "more realistic" ending to the original film. The conclusion was apparently more depressing, and audiences didn’t respond well to it. This resulted in the more optimistic ending in which the titular boxer loses but still comes away with his respect and the woman he loves. The franchise's lead has also released other interesting photos, including some that will make you look at the Hulk Hogan fight a bit differently.

When Sylvester Stallone isn’t pranking Dolph Lundgren, he's busy working on a slew of other major projects. While fans will surely be excited to see what he does next, many will probably also continue to hold out hope that he's not done with the character of Rocky Balboa.

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