Sounds Like Fast and Furious 10 Could Start Filming Any Day Now According To Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel in F9
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Get ready to FasTEN Your Seatbelts. Following last year’s release of F9, which was still a solid hit despite being one of the first big theatrical releases in 2020, we were told that Fast and Furious 10, the two-part finale to the franchise, was on the way. And now it looks like it’s even closer than ever before, as Vin Diesel says filming will be starting very soon.

Over the weekend Vin Diesel was in a fast car sort of mood as her posted to Instagram after watching a NASCAR race. He told fans to get excited because filming on the next movie is only “minutes” away. According to Diesel… 

Sending you all positivity on this incredible Sunday! I and the kids just watched NASCAR here in LA... And it was a real fun event... We're all in that racing mindset now, as we're minutes away from the start of principal photography of Fast 10.

When Vin Diesel confirmed that Fast and Furious 10 was on the way following the release of F9, he said that filming was set to start in early 2022. So that appears to still be the case. The next movie did get its release date changed recently, but only by a few weeks-- so that likely won’t actually impact production.

We have some additional evidence that filming is getting ready to happen as we’ve been getting some significant casting news, and that often happens just before  movie goes in front of cameras, In this case we have learned that Aquaman himself, Jason Momoa is joining the next movie, apparently set to play the film’s new villain. 

The rest of the current cast is also expected to return, and with this being the finale, there's a good chance that anybody who has been part of the franchise could appear. The only major exception being Dwayne Johnson, who has said he will not be back. There are still no rumors as to whether the last movie will bring Gal Gadot back from the dead.

Considering that the last movie actually did send the Fast & Furious franchise to space, it’s impossible to even guess what the next movie can even do to top that. But we can be sure the franchise is going to try. F9 still made over $700 million globally, and it did that in May of 2021 when a lot more people still weren’t sure if they were willing to go to theaters or not. The audience is certainly still into this franchise in a big way. 

At this point the expectation is that Fast 10 will be the end of the main franchise, and that it will be so big that it will actually require two movies to tell the story. A number of potential spinoffs are also in the works.

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