How The Fast And Furious 10 Cast Feel About That Fan Fave Title Pun

The Fast & Furious film franchise isn't above having a bit of fun with its titles. The eighth entry in the series was titled The Fate of the Furious, which was then shortened, quite intentionally, to F8. The most recent film just skipped that step and called itself F9. With the knowledge that a tenth movie is on the horizon, many fans have already come up with their favorite idea for a title for the movie in the groan worthy pun FasTEN (Fast10)Your Seatbelts. A lot of people at least claim they would like to see this become the actual title of the next movie. The stars have heard your joke. They think it's funny too. They also think making it the title would be really terrible.

Speaking in support of the release of F9 on Blu-ray, Jordana Brewster was asked by Insider what she thought of the punny movie title. The actress clearly gets the joke, and admits the title has some clever word play. She also thinks it's a terrible movie title, saying...

I've seen that. It's clever. It's not a good name, but it is clever.

And, I mean, she's not wrong, right? Calling Fast & Furious 10 FasTen Your Seatbelts is funny without question, but it is not a good movie title. They didn't call The Fate of the Furious, The F8 of the Furious, which I'll admit I was totally expecting to see happen. There is clearly a line that this franchise is not willing to cross.

Still, there are a lot of fans who clearly love the name. One of the original tweets suggesting the title back when F9 was released has been liked thousands of times, and that doesn't count the multiple other people who tweeted the same joke and also saw a lot of support for it.

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It would be one thing if Jordana Brewster was completely alone in her belief that it would make a bad title, but she has some support from Sung Kang, who agrees that, no this is not a good name for a movie. While the fans may have finally been given justice for Han, maybe we shouldn't expect this punny title to get very far. Check out Kang's reaction below,

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It feels more than likely that the title for Fast and Furious 10 will just be F10 or Fast10 or something along those lines. Although, considering how frequently the franchise does listen to its fans, I wouldn't be shocked to hear somebody shout "Fasten your seatbelts" in the movie, as a little shoutout to this popular fan request. At the end of the day, the title of the movie doesn't matter. As long as it has the family together, doing absolutely insane stunts, people will be happy.

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