Terrifier 2 Has Some Fans Vomiting In Movie Theaters, Producer Issues Warning For The Horror Flick

Boundaries are simultaneously the horror genre’s best friend and worst nightmare. Sometimes, holding back enhances the scares in a special sort of way. In other cases, like Terrifier 2 and its predecessor, the gorier and more outrageous the better. The new movie release has certainly been pushing boundaries to the limit, to the point where a producer issued a warning for the horror flick that’s reportedly been causing audience members to vomit and/or pass out.

This story that’s been gathering steam throughout the weekend comes from USA Today. Apparently social media has been abuzz about the recently opened sequel to writer/director Damian Leone’s cult hit Terrifier. A lot of those reactions include tales of people having rather extreme reactions to the return of Art the Clown and the severely bloody action that’s seen the sequel remaining in the Top 10 for this past weekend’s box office results.

Terrifier 2 producer Steve Barton took to Twitter with a title card designed for audiences more sensitive to the old blood and guts. With a vague promise of some sort of “news coming,” this is the graphic shared by Barton in light of these stories: 

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It’s not like Terrifier 2 is the first movie to have such extreme content reactions. Earlier this year Crimes of the Future saw audience members walk out during its Cannes Film Festival appearance; which is something you’d expect with a film that contains very erotic surgery. However, that three word description sounds like a walk in the park when compared to the sinister antics of Art the Clown.

For reference, consider the following fact: the first Terrifier containing a scene that includes a woman being sawed in half in the most gory detail possible. That moment is actually considered one of the most over the top slasher film deaths, as it earns the title with gleeful, frightening abandon. As sequels tend to want to one-up the original, hearing that Terrifier 2 is triggering such strong reflexes makes total sense.  

Getting people to walk out of a movie is old hat at this point. If a major studio film like The Revenant sent people into the lobby, then that’s basically entry level outrage. The second Terrifier film has clearly raised the bar for pushing the tolerance of the audience, with accounts of vomit and unconsciousness backing that story. So it’s only natural that fans and foes of the series are probably wondering just how a potential Terrifier 3 might top the latest entry’s gruesome shocks. 

Should you be one of the moviegoers ready to brave the intense horror that is Terrifier 2, the film is still playing in limited release. Check your local listings to find Art the Clown’s bloody exploits at a theater near you, and dress accordingly! Meanwhile, if you want to watch the original Terrifier to get a taste of what to expect, you can find that film currently streaming on Tubi and various other ad-supported streaming platforms. Though don’t forget to check the schedule of upcoming horror movies, in case you’re looking for scares that aren’t so gruesome.

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