9 Over-The-Top Deaths In Slasher Films


Slasher movies are a staple of horror, and more often than not, they seek to horrify you by showing the most gruesome and vile deaths that will make your stomach churn. It's a fine line to walk through, and sometimes a movie can take that line just a bit too far and create a vile scene that ultimately is more baffling or hilarious than it was intended to be.

The following is a rundown of kills in slasher movies that were so over the top, they were either hilarious or resulted in a lot of questions we really shouldn't be asking while witnessing such horror. Yes, some classic horror icons are touched on here, but there are also a couple of picks on here that folks may not expect. Let's dive in!


Terrifier - The Body Cutting Scene

This is certainly one of the more brutal scenes on this list, so much so that it's easy to overlook the ridiculousness of it. Terrifier's murderous clown is literally just a killer with a love for excessive brutality. Yet despite his normal strength, he's able to use a hacksaw to saw a woman in half vertically in a little under two minutes? The blade on that bad boy doesn't even look sharpened, and the only time we see him struggle is when he gets to the skull. It's disgusting, but also baffling.

Friday The 13th Jason Takes Manhattan

Friday The 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan - Head Punch

Unlike the aforementioned psycho clown, Jason Vorhees has some supernatural strength. He's proven this more than a few times, but one of the most over the top ways happened in Friday The 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan against a male boxer named Julius. Julius uses his skills to beat the lights out of Jason, but his constant haymakers and body shots only momentarily stun the slasher. Jason employed the old "rope a dope" strategy, and when Julius was sufficiently exhausted, he delivered a single punch that sent Julius' head flying clear off a rooftop and into a dumpster. If that's not knockout power, I don't know what is.

The Burning

The Burning - The Raft Scene

The Burning isn't exactly as iconic as some of the horror movies on this list, but it is certainly noteworthy for a ridiculous death sequence that has a killer just going to town on a raft full of people with hedge clippers. I know what you're thinking, and yes, it does seem like that would be very hard to accomplish if you're one person and attacking five people. And yet, everyone on this raft just screams while this guy stabs them and cuts off appendages. It just seems exhausting from the killer's standpoint, and if you're going to hide out at a summer camp and kill teens, wouldn't you come better prepared?

A Nightmare On Elm Street

A Nightmare On Elm Street - Blood

A Nightmare On Elm Street has its fair share of bizarre and over the top deaths, but in terms of its most memorable, Glen's death is #1 on the list. To start, how the hell does Freddy manage to pull his body and that television so deep into the mattress? Then, his blood is shot out to the point it's like the dude was put through a wood chipper, but then the body also comes out at the end covered in blood. Did he get his own blood on him? It seemed like most of it was on the ceiling. Why exactly did the death need to be that gory? What was Freddy trying to prove? There are so many questions we'll never get an answer to.


Scream - Cat Flap

This is a very Final Destination-esque death because it involves a regular household object and will make you think of it occasionally whenever you're using it. With that said my garage door doesn't have a cat flap, and it's possible it's because the previous homeowners saw Scream and didn't want to one day have their head crushed after they got stuck in it. It's a rough death to watch, especially considering Tatum got some good shots in on Ghostface before she was eliminated like that. If you had given her another few minutes of fighting, I think she could've taken him down.

Leprechaun 3

Leprechaun 3 - Exploding Woman

The Leprechaun franchise is pretty self-aware, and when a horror franchise reaches that level, things can get pretty ridiculous. The exploding woman is a kill that comes to mind, in which the Leprechaun enlarges a woman's breasts, lips and butt using his demented magic. All this happens because she wished to be young and beautiful again! One thing that always confused me about this scene was whether or not she exploded because she reached critical mass or because her butt got poked by the splintered door frame as she was trying to escape the room. Had she not been poked, could she have just stayed extremely puffy indefinitely?

Jeepers Creepers 2

Jeepers Creepers 2 - Headless Dude

Killing someone in an over-the-top way is one thing in a horror movie, but as we've seen, there's a fine line to walk. Decapitation can be super horrifying, but what about if after you decapitate the person, their headless body stands there and swings their arms around, stunned about what happened, for several seconds? Yeah, that happened in Jeepers Creepers 2, and yes, it was about as hilarious as it sounds. It's hardly the type of thing that will strike fear into a person's heart, which may be why the sequel did even worse with critics than the original.

Chucky Child's Play 2

Child's Play 2 - Chucky's Death

Just to make one thing abundantly clear from the start, any death where the culprit is a possessed toy is over the top. With that said, I thought I'd mix things up and discuss just how over the top it was when Chucky was killed in Child's Play 2. Chucky is doused in scalding hot plastic and is a smoldering mess, but even that isn't enough. Luckily, an air hose is nearby, which was used to inflate his deformed body and explode him all around the factory.

Halloween 4: The Return Of Michael Myers

Halloween 4: The Return Of Michael Myers - Shotgun Stab

Michael Myers is another one of those slashers who has an unnatural strength level, so it would take a small army to effectively stop him for good. He could do some pretty amazing things if he wasn't a psychopath hellbent on doing the most disgusting things to people. One of these things happens in Halloween 4, in which Michael Myers has a shotgun. It's not exactly his weapon of choice, which may be why he rams it through a door so hard that it impales the nurse hiding on the other side of it. Why can't he just be a normal person and use this power for good?

Of course, these are just a few of the over the top kills you'll see in a slasher movie, so be sure to list other personal favorites in the comments. As always, continue to stick with CinemaBlend for all the latest happening in movies and television news.

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