The Cocaine Bear Has A Twitter Account And It Wants To Tell Its Story

Cocaine Bear
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There’s been a lot of outlandish concepts for horror movies in the past, like Snakes On A Plane, Gremlins, Arachnophobia, Tusk and Teeth, just to name a few. Coming this February is Cocaine Bear, which is inspired by a real bear that ingested millions in cocaine. However, in the movie version, rather than the bear dying of all those drugs, he goes on a vengeful murderous rampage. Oh, and now he has a Twitter account.  

Meet your latest no-brainer follow: Cocaine Bear. Ahead of the upcoming horror movie hitting theaters the movie has created its own profile, and it’s already hilarious. Alongside a wacky profile pic of the movie’s drugged-up star and a bio that reads “The bear who ate cocaine,” the account is posting tweets such as this: 

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The Cocaine Bear Twitter popped up last week as the NSFW Cocaine Bear trailer was released in promotion for its February 2023 release. Since joining the internet, the bear has been sharing memes about its movie. The account has already amassed nearly 50,000 followers as it gets ready to tell its “story.” 

The movie is based on a true story that happened to an American black bear, who overdosed on cocaine in 1985 after a private plane dropped a load of 40 plastic containers of cocaine in a Georgia forest. The bear, also sometimes called “Pablo Eskobear” ate up millions in cocaine and died not long after. His body was taxidermied and gifted to the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area in Kentucky, where he hangs out today. 

Cocaine Bear was directed by actress and Charlie’s Angels director Elizabeth Banks, who called the movie a “bear’s revenge” story after the true inspiration was “collateral damage in our truly fucked up war on drugs.” It’s a horror comedy that Banks looked to pay homage to Sam Raimi, John Carpenter and Steven Spielberg throughout the production process. 

The Cocaine Bear was made for the movie via the Weta Digital Workshop, which is a CGI studio also famous for working on the recent Planet of the Apes movies alongside the Lord of the Rings franchise as well. The bear was created after the filmmakers looked at reference photos of real bears and through a bear performer being implemented to bring the stunts to life on set before CGI. 

The movie was produced by Spider-Verse’s Lord and Miller, who’ve called it “insane” and stars Keri Russell, O’Shea Jackson, Alden Ehrenreich, Jesse Tyler Ferguson Christian Convery and the late Ray Liotta. The movie from Universal Pictures will come to theaters on February 24. While we wait, we’ll certainly keep ourselves entertained on the concept by paying attention to updates from the hilarious Cocaine Bear Twitter account. 

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