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Universal Attraction That’s Been Closed Since 2020 Just Reopened, And Of Course The Orlando Resort Had A Classic Response

The Universal Orlando resort has seen quite a few refurbishments in the past couple of months, closing attractions like Jurassic Park River Adventure to freshen them up for eager parkgoers. While Revenge of The Mummy is still closed, with a lot of changes rumored for its next form, another long-closed attraction has finally reopened. After shutting down in 2020, Poseidon’s Fury is roaring yet again, with the Universal Orlando social media feed throwing down a classic response.

Twitter has been exploding with responses to this happy news, as well as tons of videos and photos of the newly reopened Poseidon’s Fury welcoming everyone back. Of course, no one seems happier than Universal Orlando Resort, as this means that one more Islands of Adventure attraction is open to serve those who dare to take the journey. Nowhere is that more apparent than in the following tweet, which is the definition of small, but mighty:

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An indoor attraction where guests are unwittingly led into the crossfire of “a colossal battle between Poseidon and the evil Lord Darkenon,” Poseidon’s Fury was closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While most other attractions could reopen at various points in Universal Orlando’s general operations, this enclosed special effects-driven show was a pretty long hold-out. All the while, fans were looking for clues as to when Poseidon’s Fury would rise again. 

When last we’d heard, the Comcast quarterly earnings call had provided, among other bits of good Universal Parks & Resorts news, whispers that a February opening would be on the books. Thought that obviously didn’t happen, the wait is officially over, yielding tweets from fans like the one below that echo Universal Orlando’s absolute glee: 

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As pandemic protocols are starting to wane at Universal, the reopening of Poseidon’s Fury is quite possibly the greatest sign that the Orlando resort is closer to business as usual. It comes at a good time, with the ambitious Epic Universe third gate on track for a 2025 opening, as well as the closure/demolition of attractions like Universal Orlando’s Shrek 4D and Fear Factor Live

Of course, any time is a good time to bring fans back to a world of magic and danger that they’ve been looking forward to revisiting for almost two years. Poseidon’s Fury is currently raging yet again at Universal Studios’ Islands of Adventure, in Orlando, Florida. With the opening day attraction from Universal's second gate now restored, another piece of the fun has returned for all to enjoy. 

Though don’t look for any updates on when Revenge of The Mummy will return, as the “late summer” reopening is all the information that’s currently available. Luckily, the world of upcoming movies can offer you plenty of adventure to keep busy until Imothep returns to wreck havoc on the world of the living. Even if it’s potentially without Brendan Fraser, it's all just one step closer to Universal's Epic Universe, which is set to debut in 2025. 

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