Universal Studios Has A Pretty Compelling Argument For Visiting The Theme Parks Around The Valentine's Day Holiday

Universal Studios Hollywood globe
(Image credit: Universal Studios Hollywood)

Planning the perfect Valentine’s Day date can be stressful. It should be fun, romantic and - above all - unforgettable. That means sometimes, taking an unconventional approach to the love-themed holiday is your best bet. And if you’re the daring type, Universal Studios has made a compelling case for why it may be the perfect V-Day destination. 

With fan-favorite events returning and several new attractions coming to Universal Studios in 2022, it’s shaping up to be a big year for the theme park. While fans have already been treated to some exciting Mardis Gras festivities, the Universal team seems to be courting guests for another big holiday. Now that Valentine’s Day is around the corner, the park’s Twitter account has offered a surprising suggestion for how to show your special someone how much you care: 

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If theme parks aren’t at the top of your list of romantic date destinations, you’re probably not alone. But that fact didn’t deter the social media account from hyping up fans who showed enthusiasm for the idea. When one fan responded that their fiance may need some extra motivation to be convinced, the Universal Studios Twitter account responded with a compelling argument: 

It sounds like you both need a churro immediately.

That answer is especially funny given that it’s a reference to a long-standing inside joke about churros between the park’s social media account and fans. But the park didn’t stop there – another fan announced that of course they’ll be following the tweet’s advice, they offered a round of applause

  • You 👏 understood 👏 the 👏 assignment 👏

And after one fan responded that they were going to take themselves to the park for the holiday, the Twitter account helped encourage them to make their dreams into a reality. It said:

The most powerful manifestation.

One important takeaway here is if you can’t find a date for this Valentine’s Day, at least you can find a brand social media account that will love and support you. Though this isn’t the first time Universal Studios has had a bold approach to get fans engaged with them. 

These days, the park seems to be on a quest to make the case that Universal is better than Disney World. The former's Twitter account has a habit of poking fun at their rival, subtweeting and throwing shade when the other in the midst of a public relations snafu. And park guests have also experienced that rivalry first-hand, with Shrek’s Donkey roasting someone for donning Mickey merch. Okay, maybe that last one isn’t a great way to retain visitors – but helping guests woo their significant other is a great customer service move. 

So if the threat of being publicly shamed by a talking mule isn’t enough to scare you away, trying to keep the romance alive at Universal Studios may be a viable option on Valentine’s Day. Especially if they keep the churro stand open. 

Katherine Webb