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Watch Tom Hanks Slowly Change Each Year In One Delightful Picture After Another

Tom Hanks in The Green Mile
(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

Tom Hanks has never been officially designated the world's favorite actor, but it's hard to think of anyone else who is as universally liked and respected as he is. Over a more than forty year career, he's casually moved between comedies and dramas, big event films and quiet character studies. He's acted, directed, produced and played pop culture figure, all while giving off serious good guy vibes.

So, let's celebrate Tom Hanks' career by taking a look back at how we got to here. We've put together a photo gallery that includes one picture a year, starting with Hanks as a fresh-faced, twenty-something in his early TV show Bosom Buddies and eventually ending with where we are today.

Yes, there may be a look or two he might take back (we've all been there!), but on the whole, I have to say he looks pretty damn good throughout. And he never loses his basic Tom Hanks-ness. There's always that charming smile, the friendly eyes and just an ever so slight aura of wit and goofiness. Thanks for all the memories, good sir. Here's to decades more!

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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