If you're an attractive young actress who hasn't managed to hit it big in romantic comedies or action movies, you have pretty much one option for stardom: the generic horror movie. Jennifer Connelly did it, Naomi Watts did it, and look how it worked out for their careers. (OK, Jennifer Connelly had an Oscar before she did Dark Water, but bear with me here) Now Teri Polo, of Meet the Parents and The West Wing, will take her own trip into the horror movie career elevator.

She'll play the lead role in The Hole, which, as described by The Hollywood Reporter, at least has the benefit of not being a Japanese horror remake. She plays the mother of two teenage sons who moves into a rural house and is horrified to find a bottomless hole in the basement. Is it an old septic tank? A portal to another world? The mind boggles.

Joe Dante, who hasn't made a movie since Looney Tunes: Back in Action in 2003, will direct, though to his credit he also made Gremlins back in the day. There's no reason to expect this to be anything more than a throwaway horror piece, but at least Teri Polo will get to do something other than playing Ben Stiller's wife for once.

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