“Lost” fans have certainly had their fill of questions to seek out answers to: What’s in the hatch? What is the monster? Who are the others? When is the Aronofsky episode airing? Well, we can’t help you with most of those questions, but we know a little more about Darren Aronofsky. He will not be directing an upcoming episode of “Lost” after all.

Fans have been anxiously awaiting the surreal director’s take on the television show since it was announced last year that he would be helming an episode. After all, Aronofsky’s style almost fits “Lost” perfectly. Sadly, last week it was announced that he would not have the time to take on the television show after all. But it isn’t last minute edits on The Fountain (Aronofsky’s delayed film) that’s keeping him from coming to the island. It’s his upcoming child with Oscar-winning actress Rachel Weisz.

While Aronofsky won’t be shedding any light on the Dharma Initiative right now, there is still the possibility that he’ll do an episode in the future. Also recently rumored: the return of series creator J.J. Abrams in the director chair, although fans of the show know they don’t need Abrams or Aronofsky to keep the show interesting.

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