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This is either a step forward in the by now boring Wonder Woman casting process, or another lie told by an actress so desperate to get her name out there that she’ll say literally anything, or another total fabrication from a website so hungry to grab traffic that they’ll happily sacrifice all credibility to get it. Both of those last two things have happened repeatedly since we first heard ‘Firefly’ creator Joss Whedon was making a Wonder Woman movie, but let’s assume for argument’s sake that at least some of what I’m about to tell you could possibly be true.

Jill Wagner, who one or two of you might have seen in the very brief running ‘Blade: The Series’ is claiming to have actually talked to Joss Whedon or someone he’s involved with about playing Wonder Woman. That’s a big difference from say, Sophia Bush who says “we’ll see” if she talks to him or other actresses who said they’d like to be Wonder Woman or who may at some point be considered to be Wonder Woman. Moviehole has picked up a story from FlickDirect which she tells them she’s actually met with someone about it. That’s a first.

Here’s what Wagner told them: “I met with the guys over at Silver pictures about some things and Wonder Woman was one of them.”

Alright it’s not much but it’s more than we’ve had to on with most of the other dozens and dozens of Wonder Woman casting rumors that float across the internet. Compared to those, this one has teeth. Will she get it? Did Joss like what he saw? We don’t know.

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