This week’s “Entertainment Weekly” features Sex and the City: The Movie on the cover, so it’s somewhat appropriate that inside they contain a first look at another movie about an empowered woman. Hilary Swank is playing famed female pilot Amelia Earhart in a new biopic about her life, and they have an early pic of Swank in costume from the set. Yes, that’s a small version of the picture.

I mention this, because you really need to pick up a copy of EW, if only to see it in all of its weirdness. I’m not sure what’s going on with Swank’s portrayal, presumably that’s a picture of her just goofing off between takes, but she looks nothing short of bizarre. It’s hard to believe that she or anyone involved with the project would want this to represent the film, unless of course they want us to think Swank is playing Amelia as filtered through Corky from Life Goes On. It’s even harder to believe that EW didn’t have a better picture they could have used in promoting their set visit. What an odd depiction. Amerlia Earhart: pioneering pilot and very special person? Perhaps this explains her disappearance.

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