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Spectre started filming last week, and is officially underway with telling the next chapter in the James Bond's modern franchise reboot. Impressively, we're pleased to announce that we have the first video of filming, courtesy of The Daily Mail. You can watch the clip below.

Video removed

YouTube User Daily Videos re-posted the video that shows Daniel Craig and co-star Rory Kinnear riding a patrol boat on the Thames River in front of the MI6 building, with two armored drivers at the helm. Throughout the video, it looks like there's pieces of dialogue being filmed and outtakes that show Craig and Kinnear goofing off with the drivers between takes. So far, no action looks to be taking place in this scene, so it's to be assumed that this might be a sequence before Bond's official briefing on the mission ahead of him in Spectre.

So what does this mean for Spectre? Well, it's interesting that MI6 would even consider using this building again, especially after the attack that former agent/terrorist Silva managed to launch during Skyfall. You would think that the clandestine services would manage to either secure another location, but then again if MI6 were to move its location, then that would mean the terrorists would truly have won. However, if you look into the history of the Bond franchise, this could mean another touch of the previous era is coming back for a modern look.

Considering that Daniel Craig and Rory Kinnear are on a patrol boat outside of headquarters, it could mean that MI6 has now hidden their offices in plain sight. Meaning that the office will still stand as a front, but some sort of well hidden location in the vicinity will serve as the actual heart of MI6. We've seen this in the classic and some of the modern pre-reboot films, as everything from a shipwreck to a dormant Underground station have been used for clandestine services. Even Skyfall got into the action with the "temporary" office that had been used during World War II.

So while jokes are still absent from the James Bond franchise, it looks like some of the cloak and dagger elements are coming back slowly but surely. Perhaps one day we'll see James Bond sip a martini and unleash a cheesy one liner, just like he did in the old days. Though seriously, besides Daniel Craig, who really wants to see THAT again?

Spectre will execute its mission, for Queen and country, on November 6, 2015.