Rumors are circulating that yey another addition to the WB's ambitious new DC Comics adaptation lineup is The Batman, with Ben Affleck taking the titular role. While a 2019 release date seems legit, it also means we'll be seeing the Dark Knight in both Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice and Justice League before it. Older and seasoned as Batman v Superman's Caped Crusader is going to be, by the time we get to The Batman he'll be even older, and more seasoned.

Which, along with the eight theatrical Batman films thus far (nine if you count Batman: Mask of The Phantasm!), means that it's time for filmmakers to plunge deep into the collection of Batman stories to find new narratives we haven't seen on the big screen yet. Characters like Hush, Azrael and Jason Todd have yet to get live-action adaptations, and stories that utilize an older, wiser Batman have yet to come to the forefront as movie material. We decided to pick through the clutter and grab 10 pivotal, iconic Batman stories, searching for the best choices for adaptation into the onscreen DC universe.

Batman No Man's Land
No Man's Land
Issues Covered: Too many to name. This story ran through all the Bat-books in 1999, spaced out over fourteen separate titles.

Storyline: A 7.6 earthquake rocks Gotham City, effectively creating a no man's land where other governments won't intervene. With Batman missing in the conflict, villains converge and take over the city. Elements of this story were used in The Dark Knight Rises, but ultimately they eliminated the potential of an entire city run by colorful villains (though Scarecrow did make a pretty sweet judge). Exploring that idea in the next solo Batman movie would give them a great excuse to introduce a sea of new villains without needing laborious origin stories for each of them. It would also be a sign that this Batman is less ground-level, and must deal with massive threats. And finally, a no man's land would also exclude the Justice League: the fact that they don't intervene could cause conflict between Batman and the other heroes, one of the many ways the new DC films can distinguish themselves from Marvel: hell, Avengers: Age Of Ultron apparently begins with a party!

Beginning with this approach would also mean that, in the wake of Man Of Steel, the DC universe would be taking a serious look at the collateral damage that occurs, specifically in regards to what happens next. Metropolis makes a recovery for Dawn Of Justice, but after whatever occurs in Justice League, Gotham might not be so fortunate. This story essentially takes Batman into Mad Max territory, and what fan doesn't want to see that?

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