Turning the classic animated Disney films of yore into live-action films is Hollywood’s latest trend. Not only is Kenneth Branagh’s blindingly bright take on Cinderella due in cinemas this weekend, but Bill Condon is directing a Beauty and the Beast movie, and just a few days ago it was also announced that Tim Burton plans on making a live-action Dumbo remake too.

Of course, one could say this is all Angelina Jolie’s fault. Maleficent, the re-imagining of Sleeping Beauty from the perspective of its antagonist, was a massive success last year, taking in $758.4 million at the box office, and that just gave Disney all the permission in the world to continue putting out incarnations of their other iconic tales. But while Cinderella , Beauty and the Beast and Dumbo are a good start, which other animated films deserve to go live action? We have a few ideas.

The Little Mermaid
Why It Needs An Upgrade: Released over 25 years ago now, The Little Mermaid continues to hold a dear place in the heart of anyone who saw it in their infancy. However, in the time since its release, it has lost the edge that it once had thanks to the funnier animated gems that have since been released (I’m looking at you Aladdin), while even those who are angling for a nautical kids film to watch will now head straight for Finding Nemo before even considering Ariel and her gang of under-water adventurers. Plus with Aquaman due out in 2018 there’s clearly an opportunity to tap into the box office potential that comes with water-based blockbusters.

Who Should Star: For the role of Ariel, I would have to say that the top candidate for the part would have to be Karen Gillan. Does she have red hair? Check. Is she delightfully pretty? Double check. Does she have a tail instead of feet? Er …. Never mind that, because Gillan would be perfect as the Princess pining to evolve. She has proved with her supporting role in Doctor Who as Amy Pond that she can be free-spirited and act independently and instinctively regardless of what she’s told, while Guardians Of The Galaxy proved that she can look right at home in a blockbuster too. She’s just waiting for the right leading role to propel her further up the Hollywood echelon. Plus, being Scottish she already sounds like she’s got half a gallon of water in her mouth when she speaks anyway.

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