With the debut of Disney’s live-action Cinderella comes a new, more notorious version of a classic Disney villain, the wicked stepmother. Cate Blanchett looks deliciously devilish in the role that puts all those abusive parents on Law and Order to shame. However, this callous and bitter widow would not last more than a few weeks behind bars. In fact, when compared to other baddies who’ve wreaked havoc in classic Disney fare, surviving the slammer doesn’t seem like it’s in the cards for her.

All Disney villains end up getting what’s coming to them, otherwise they wouldn’t be Disney villains. If all these classic criminals went from the Mouse House to the big house, which ones would thrive in prison life, and which ones wouldn’t last the night? Imagining that there is such a thing as "Disney Prison" — which is totally a great idea for a new Disney Channel original series. Here’s how your favorite baddies would handle prison living, ranked from cellblock grunt to king of the yard.

Queen of Hearts
11. Queen of Hearts, Alice in Wonderland
Pros: The Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland is ruthless. She wields her royal scepter with as much grace as a paraplegic ballet dancer, but she’s been able to stay on her throne for a reason. She’s capable of making the hard choices, even when that means forcing flamingos into being her new croquet mallets. If red didn’t look so good on her, PETA would’ve thrown their entire supply of red paint on her already.

Cons: She may be villainous, but compared to the other baddies of Disney fame, she’s not all that menacing. Yes, she has an army and an entire kingdom as her plaything, but she doesn’t seem to have any unique quality that would benefit her when all that glamor and prestige is swept away. Who would she be able to rally to her side in prison?

Overall Result: We’d be shocked if she lasted more than a day without her precious tarts.

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