When Marvel began constructing their cinematic universe, they had to depend on characters who they still had the film rights to, like Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor. However, as time as passed, their library of characters has grown thanks to old deals expiring or being changed. Over the past few years, rights have lapsed on certain characters (Daredevil, Punisher, etc) that have brought them back home, and earlier this year Marvel drafted a deal with Sony that lets them use Spider-Man in the MCU.

Now, aside from a few distribution snafus (like with Namor the Submariner), Marvel has the rights to use almost all of its characters, with one big exception: the ones that 20th Century Fox still has. We’ve drafted this list of the most notable heroes and villains that Marvel can’t use right now in their films and whether or not these characters should stay where they are or get back to Marvel Studios as soon as possible.

He’s the best at what he does, and what he does isn’t very nice. Introduced in 1974, Wolverine has been a longtime member of the X-Men, but he’s also enjoyed a lot of success operating on his own. With a healing factor, enhanced sense of smell, adamantium-coveered claws, and a berserker rage that few can match, the gruff mutant has become of of the most popular superheroes of all time, in large part due to his prominence in other media.

Should They Go To Marvel? On the one hand, it would be weird to have Wolverine without the rest of the X-Men. However, given that Hugh Jackman will finish his tenure as Logan in 2017’s untitled third Wolverine film, the near future would be the best time to give him the character a fresh start. Still, we’re going to have to make the tough call and say he should stay where he is for the time being. That said, we’re still holding out hope that one day he’ll get to battle Hulk on the big screen, just like he did in his first comic book appearance.

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