There are many, many things to appreciate about Ridley Scott’s The Martian. It’s entire – and packed – ensemble is absolutely brilliant (with Matt Damon featured at his most charming); the script is a perfect mix of funny and dramatic; and it’s a beautiful space adventure that makes you feel like you’re taking a trip across the stars. Amazing as all those things are, however, perhaps its greatest contribution is its incredible approach to science-based problem solving, and its ability to basically educate viewers about space travel while also being ridiculously entertaining.

It’s this aspect of the film that really got us thinking: what are some other films that have previously shown us just how awesome science can be? Well, we’ve collected a list of 10 great ones, and you can discover our choices below!

There are hundreds of time travel movies out there, but there are few that function quite like Shane Carruth’s Primer. This is because it’s one of the very few time travel movies that can convince you that we will someday learn how to actually travel through time. The twists and complexity of the plot often leaves audience members scratching their heads to the point that they hit skull, but the film has a special approach to science that allows it to fit comfortably along with the rest of the titles on this list: it makes what is impossible actually look possible.

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