Everybody loves the Muppets, right? I mean, not everyone may have felt the need to go and see their latest effort, Muppets Most Wanted, as evidenced by last weekend’s box office results, but that doesn’t mean the world has turned against them. I’d happily shell out money to see any adventure they decide to go on, hoping against hope that they decided to leave Walter behind next time.

But what if Disney, inspired by the Marvel universe, decided to open up the world of the Muppets to allow for spinoff features? Could these characters possibly do as well in one-off films without the assistance of the ensemble? We sure as hell would like to think so, and these are some of the projects we think should be movin’ right along into the brains of Hollywood studio heads. Note that I’ve left our favorite Muppet Kermit the Frog by the wayside, since he already has his own spinoff, in addition to his other appearances outside the core Muppet universe. It might not be easy being green, but he's sure good at making it.

jean pierre napoleon sam the eagle
Jean Pierre Napoleon and Sam the Eagle
Title: A Smack in the Dark

Logline: After (partially) solving the big case at the heart of Muppets Most Wanted, Jean Pierre and Sam are somehow forced to team up once more to nab a suave thief who is stealing the world’s sexiest women and eagles in order to...have them. These bumbling detectives are accidentally handcuffed, superglued and bread-tied together for the duration of their adventure, which takes them from the karaoke bars of Japan to the war zones of the Middle East and the beak-freezing weather of Antarctica.

Starring: Ty Burrell as Jean Pierre Napoleon; Jean Reno as the master thief; Scarlett Johansson as all of the world’s sexiest women; Yvette Nicole Brown as the sassy stewardess who’s on every flight that Jean Pierre and Sam travel on; a hologram of Peter Sellers as Jean Pierre’s new boss.

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