Happy Halloween, everyone! We hope you're ready for some costumed fun, as this is that wonderful time of the year where we get to dress up as something we don't normally wear, and really rock it out. In fact, tonight's one of the best nights, outside of a movie opening, to dress up like your favorite superhero. Now depending on who you choose to dress up as, your options will more than likely range from conservative, comic accurate costumes to less accurate, more risque options.

While either version makes for good Halloween fun, there's some variants of your favorite super heroes that would never be allowed on the big screen. And guys, don't think you're totally immune to the phenomenon, because there's some rather racy stuff you'll never see the male heroes wear on the silver screen. So while you're preparing your costumes for this evening's festivities, have a look at these costumes that might win you a prize, but certainly won't be anywhere near winning an Oscar.

Vampirella is pretty much the OG of inappropriate comic costumes, considering her cape and underwear are probably the most consistent uninterrupted pieces of fabric she wears into action. It's not like she'd get a chance to be in anything other than an R-rated feature anyway, but even with a story that involves defeating evil by reaching a high shelf could cause problems.

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