Don't Get Too Excited About Wonder Woman's New Costume, It'll Probably Change

In a hero's origin story, the condition they're presented in at the beginning of the story is rarely the way they're found later on in their life. The same thing can be said for their costume, or in the case of Wonder Woman, their armor. Costume changes are historical eventualities for heroes and heroines of all stripes, and this – among other reasons – is why I don't think that Zack Snyder's recently unveiled Wonder Woman costume from Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice is the final form we'll be seeing in Justice League, or even at the end of her origin film for that matter.

Earlier, we revealed the new costume that Gal Gadot will wear for Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice. The most glaring difference between the Wonder Woman costume of the Snyder era versus that of the incarnations we've been accustomed to throughout the previous history of DC Comics is that there's not much color. It's an outfit devoid of the red, blue, or gold that make up the core of Wonder Woman's costume. Part of that is almost certainly a color filter which has been applied to the image, and part of it is that Zack Snyder has dressed her in more muted tones. Why? I think it's safe to assume that in Zack Snyder's introduction of the character – Wonder Woman isn't from around here.

Think about it: the standard colors of Wonder Woman, while making sense in the comics, don't make sense for an Amazonian descendant from warriors. A society more focused on battle and honor isn't really going to be looking to jazz up their armor with the latest fashion friendly shades of pigment. However, if Snyder is going to continue to draw artistic inspiration from the New 52 , much like he did when he finalized the design of Superman's costume in Man Of Steel, we should be looking forward to a costume that looks more like this.

New 52

Even the Marvel Cinematic Universe gave Thor a slightly different look in The Avengers, which gave him a demi suit of armor that protected him, while also allowing his arms to breathe. In order to fit in more with the world she'll be protecting and residing in, Wonder Woman is going to have to adjust her costume to something a little less... combative. Hence, she'll probably spruce up the suit with some metallic accented versions of red, blue, and gold; so as to look more approachable, but still bad ass. Of course there is the possibility that this will be Zack Snyder's final decision on the Wonder Woman costume going forward. After all, if you remember how washed out the colors were in Man Of Steel, just picture the whole DC Universe of characters being portrayed in that fashion. At this rate, The Flash will look like a handful of martian dirt.

Time will tell if I'm right about the Wonder Woman costume, and that time will be on May 6, 2016 – the day that Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice will be released into theaters.

Mike Reyes
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