With the year of 2016 almost at the halfway point, it’s a good time to start looking back at some of the films we may have missed this year. Seeing as the off-season is getting busier and busier with every year, more modest to wonderful hits are getting buried by those that would steal their thunder. For every Deadpool or Captain America: Civil War, there’s at least one other flick that’s not getting the love they deserve. That said, keep your eyes peeled for the following 11 flicks that are well worth your time, and just might be hitting a Redbox kiosk near you in the near future.

Eddie The Eagle
When a feel-good sports picture does its job, it hits you hard. This year, Eddie The Eagle did just that, as it combined an endearing Taron Egerton with a cranky Hugh Jackman, to make the most heartwarming comedy two comic badasses could front. Much like the true story at the heart of the film’s plot, Eddie The Eagle is all about victory of the heart, rather than pure athletic prowess. It’s not a hard hitting film, but it’s a pretty damned warm blanket of an underdog story that also serves as a reminder that the summer Olympics are coming, and another underdog will need the world’s cheering.

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