When we think of actors, we often put them in many different categories of performance. It makes sense considering these men and women make a career out of encapsulating a slew of different characters. It’s common to see many actors go on to perform in the musical variety whether it be on stage or in recording. But, it is particularly special when we see the move from the other direction, and a successful move at that.

There are a number of musicians who have taken a stab at acting, whether it be in playing themselves on screen, or a different role. But there are few that do so successfully. Here we pay tribute to those musicians-turned-actors. While many of them could have stuck with the music industry entirely, these 11 musicians-turned-actors showed off an entirely new set of skills, and left us all immensely impressed.

Justin Timberlake
Justin Timberlake began acting with a pretty boy role in a Disney Channel Original movie around the same time his boy band NSYNC had taken off. But within time, the musician-turned-actor began taking more interesting and unexpected roles that would set him apart as an actual actor. The move towards actor came after the Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction, when Timberlake was gaining a lot of negative media attention for his role in the incident. Afterwards, he began landing bigger roles in a few feature films including the direct-to-video movie Edison Force as well as a few appearances in popular films such as Alpha Dog and Southland Tales.

While Timberlake continued to produce music, especially in collaboration with other artists, his acting career started to take off when he settled down with his music career. Going from starring roles in Mike Myers’ The Love Guru and the Mike Meredith drama The Open Road, Timberlake soon landed the role of Sean Parker in the critically acclaimed Facebook-drama The Social Network. His acting chops truly began to shine, and on top of the continuing roles in comedy pictures the musician-turned-actor continues to shine in dramatic roles such as his character in Inside Llewyn Davis.

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