15 Pitch Perfect 2 Moments We're Already Obsessed With

Just yesterday, we were saying we hoped we'd see a Pitch Perfect 2 trailer, and Thursday has delivered! While there's no way to gif the sweet melodic sounds of the Barden Bella's fireside rendition of "Cups," we felt obliged to capture some of the most exciting moments from the trailer and obsess over them properly.

We'll get warmed up with...


A Fart Noise

Whose password requires simulated flatulence? I don't know, but let's hear it for Beca for going with the arm-blowing technique. It's a classic, and though she goes in a bit uncertainly, she pulls it off.

fitting in

Beca still fits in

Anna Kendrick's character was a bit of an awkward fit for the Barden Bellas the first time around, but it looks like she still has a perfect-sized Beca spot among this group.

Pillow fight

These girls still wanna have fun!

Check out the pillow fight action! It's not all fun and games though, because...

hate us

They hate us.

As Gail (Elizabeth Banks) reveals, there's a global a cappella competition where every four years the best compete for world domination. And America never wins.


This probably isn't going to cut it.

We only get a quick flash of the Bellas going for the gold, but is Beca anywhere in sight? Or are we seeing an unsatisfactory "before" performance here, to show us that the Bellas just aren't cutting it? The audience doesn't seem impressed.


A new competition, and new competition.

Fire and intimidating black outfits! She may speak eight languages, but she doesn't speak loser. Is this the team to beat?


This dude.

Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) may want to be the ham in this man's sandwich, but I'm more curious about the two men who tear his sleeves off. Is that like their whole job or do they also serve other functions?


The Treblemakers are back at it!

Jesse's (Skylar Astin) still taking the lead there. Along with his BFF and roommate Benji (Ben Platt), who still has...


The magic in me...

Look who's got his own fire show going on? Maybe the Bellas can use some of that pizazz to spice up their stage performance with a bit of pyrotechnics?


And then there's Bumper...

That T might stand for Treblemaker, but that sweater implies "old dudes." Remember that quartet of Barden graduates that Bumper (Adam DeVine) was all too happy to make fun of last time around? It looks like he may be one of them now!


Bumper's still into Amy.

And she's like "No!" But, wink.

Seriously though, it's 100% no...

wink again

And there's so much more to look forward to...


Including friendship...


And stairs-sliding.

Crushed it.

booby trap

And whatever this booby trap situation is...

Someone trying to trap a Bella?


And let's not forget one of the best parts...

Anna Kendrick's amazing reactions and facial expressions.

We're ready.

Pitch Perfect 2 arrives in theaters May 15, 2015. Watch the trailer over and over again here.

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