This is still Sparta! The muscles are still tremendous, the chests still massive, the beards nicely-trimmed and the togas and capes varying degrees of red and white. 300: Rise Of An Empire is attempting to re-create the sensation that came from the thrill of watching 300. But, oddly enough, action films have shown to be the one genre resistant to sequelization. Most people go big the first time, and topping that proves to be a challenge. Usually, the idea is just to repeat what happened before. But sometimes… expectations are outdone.

This week’s marathon is 24 (and a half!) straight hours of ass-kicking repeat performances. Part one was great, but wait until you see the follow-up! There are kicks and punches, car chases and gunfights, all in this 24-hour salute to following a tough opening act. Are you ready to dive in?

We begin on the dirt roads of a post-apocalyptic Australia in this lean, mean sequel to George Miller’s Mad Max. Here, Mel Gibson’s Max Rockatansky is already fully established as a badass, and he leads a group of survivors against a band of cannibalistic hooligans led by Lord Humungus, the self-proclaimed "Ayatollah of rock ‘n’ rolla." With a bigger budget than its predecessor, The Road Warrior is free to send cars and trucks flying in the air in its portrayal of a wasteland where the winners burn rubber, and the losers eat dust.

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