Do you have a Need For Speed? If so, you’re probably going to be seeing the movie of the same title this weekend. But maybe your need runs deeper than that. Maybe you love the feeling of getting behind the wheel and just soaring, hitting the open road and letting the wind blow through your hair as you step on the gas and leave civilized culture behind. Or maybe you just like a good chase.

Since the earliest days of film, people have been burning rubber onscreen, and directors and effects crews have been doing their best to make the chases convincingly cinematic. With that in mind, we’ve prepared a 24 hour marathon of movies dedicated to the art of machines in action, cars chasing cars, wheels turning and sins burning. This is your full day noon-to-noon marathon of the very best in the history of car chases in movies. The key is variety, and if your favorite isn’t here, feel free to sub it in for one of the other titles.

Last year, Ron Howard earned some of his best notices with the Formula One drama Rush. But that wasn’t his first time behind the wheel: Howard’s first directorial effort found him in front of the camera and behind the wheel for this madcap Roger Corman film. Howard, who previously starred in Eat My Dust, plays a lovelorn lad who can’t win over the father of his latest pursuit, opting instead to flee with her in her daddy’s ride, leading to a cross-country goose chase. Howard’s done some pretty staid, respectable pictures, but when he first started out, it really seemed like he was destined for hell raising all-terrain vehicular warfare.

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