After a long wait, Paramount Pictures finally delivered our best look yet at Star Trek Beyond last night – releasing the movie’s brand new trailer. This footage released was timed to correspond with a special Star Trek Fan Event held in Los Angeles, which played the promo clip on a screen in one of the vast soundstages on the Paramount Lot. That wasn’t the only preview of the film that fans got, however, as the film also delivered extended looks at three of the movie’s key early sequences.

I was on the ground at the Star Trek Fan Event last night, and walked away not only knowing a lot more about Star Trek Beyond, but also quite impressed with all of the footage that was shown. Read on for not only a full description of the material that was shown, but our thoughts and feelings on it!

Star Trek Beyond
Captain’s Log
Of all the footage that was shown to us, it was a clip from what I can only presume is the opening of the film that truly has me optimistic about Star Trek Beyond. Unlike the first two movies, it harkens back to the classic opening of the television series: Kirk recording his captain’s log.

The clip began with the Enterprise softly gliding through space, with the voice of Chris Pine’s Captain James T. Kirk opening his log entry revealing that it is Star Date 2263.45, and that the crew is celebrating the third year of their five year mission. Unfortunately, this time floating through space is taking its toll on everyone, as it’s particularly hard to figure out "where one day ends and another begins" – illustrated with Kirk going into his closet and seeing nothing but a row of yellow uniforms.

After watching Kirk go through his morning routine, he and a mug of coffee make their way out to the deck of the Enterprise, where everyone is already hard at work in their various positions. Kirk’s voice-over notes the importance of making the ship feel like home as the camera pans over Sulu (John Cho), who has a photo of his young daughter taped to the control panel in front of him.

As the voice-over speaks to the stress that the mission has put on the ship, we get a glimpse into the engineering department, where we see Scotty (Simon Pegg) and Keenser (Deep Roy) futzing around. The footage then follows through the halls of the Enterprise, watching young uniformed male and female crewmates catching eyes. As the scene spills into montage, Kirk notes that this is a pretty natural thing, but it has its up-sides - cut to two young crewmembers kissing in a room - and down-sides - cut to an alien crewmember kicking out a half dressed Chekov (Anton Yelchin).

Cutting back to the deck, we see Kirk getting comfortable in his captain’s chair, but the voice-over admits that the day-to-day has become episodic, and that repetition and boredom has led to questioning exactly what it is that they’re doing on the mission. The clip ends as the Enterprise sails towards what’s been reported to be the Starbase Yorktown.

This Star Trek Beyond clip did a fantastic job setting a tone for the movie it’s in front of, and it’s exactly the tone that you want from Star Trek. While Captain Kirk may be getting a bit restless, it still featured a sense of needed optimism that will hopefully be featured throughout the rest of the film.

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