300's Rodrigo Santoro Joins Natalie Portman In Jane Got A Gun

Rodrigo Santoro must have enjoyed the taste of the classic western he got acting alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Last Stand, because now he's getting ready to take another stab and the genre with Natalie Portman. The actor has signed on the dotted line and is now a part of the Jane Got A Gun cast, the new movie from director Lynne Ramsey.

Portman will play a farmer wife with an outlaw husband. When his gang betrays him and the couple realizes that their lives are in danger, the only person that can help them is an former lover (Michael Fassbender). Deadline says that Santoro will be playing the role of Fitchum, but fails to mention who that character is and/or how he fits into the larger plot. First time writer Brian Duffield wrote the script, which was featured on the 2011 Black List (the annual list of the most popular unproduced screenplays in Hollywood). The feature will be Ramsay's follow up to the 2011 hit We Need To Talk About Kevin, which was her first movie after a nine year hiatus.

Santoro was on both the big screen and the small screen last year, with roles in the multi-plotted What To Expect When You're Expecting to the TV movie Hemingway & Gellhorn. Hhe will next be seen in Noam Murro's 300: Rise of An Empire, in which he will be reprising his role as the living god Xerxes. That title will be in theaters on August 2nd and co-stars Eva Green and Sulivan Stapleton.

Eric Eisenberg
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