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47 High-Res Screenshots From The Avengers Trailer Reveal Cap Fighting Thor, And Much More

By now you've probably already caught the brand new trailer for The Avengers that debuted online today, giving us our first look at the full team assembled to fight Loki and his outer space powers, in addition to squabbling with each other and engaging in a little one-upmanship. Even given the set photos and official images that have already been released, there's a lot of new stuff to pick through that you might not catch on one viewing of the trailer. So in the gallery below you can check out 47 high-res screen shots from the trailer pointing out some of the things you might have missed the first time around. Like, say, Captain America and Thor fighting?

Yup, that's what's happening in that image, though it's unclear if they're just helping each other train or if there's some inter-superhero squabbling going on. It seems to be a straight up fight to the death, though, when later in the trailer Loki grabs Tony Stark by the neck and filings him out the window. That's what's happening in the image you see below, though in a clever bit of cutting, it's actually Captain America we see falling out the window in the next shot. Tricky, tricky.

And you probably noticed at the end that we get our first in-action look at Mark Ruffalo in full Hulk form, though in an extreme close-up that gives us only a hint of what he looks like when he's angry.

Check out those images and many more in the gallery below, and let us know what else you spotted in the comments. The trailer itself might be a little disappointing for those of you who have been waiting for the movie for months, introducing you to the idea of all these superheroes fighting together, then showing off a bunch of explosions and fight scenes without giving a real sense of what the movie will be like. But hey, we've still got a long way to go before the movie opens in May of next year. This is just a start, and as you can see in this massive gallery, there's already a lot to pick over.

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