Patriots, schmatriots! We all know that the real winners last night were the summer blockbusters that dared to show footage from their anticipated films. (OK, Katy Perry’s dancing sharks were pretty incredible, as well, but not as amazing as Vin Diesel’s Furious 7 stunts.) We debated fastly and furiously around the CinemaBlend offices about which movie trailer made the biggest splash. But several favored the dinosaurs of Jurassic World and others were enamored with the animated Minions.

So we turned to Hulu, who collected votes on the top Super Bowl advertisements from Sunday night’s game via the Toyota AdZone. And they took that data and divided it up by category. When they applied their totals to the top five movie trailers, as selected by audience members, they went in this order. Do you agree? Did you like one more than another? Weigh in with your comments below!

5. Pitch Perfect 2
The Barden Bellas surprised audiences last night with an NFL cameo… though they weren’t the only movie to pull off that stunt. Green Bay Packer Clay Matthews showed up as the leader of a macho, manly a capella group, and stole a little thunder away from Revel Wilson and Anna Kendrick. The other spot that used an NFL star, the Ted 2 spot with Tom Brady, didn’t make Hulu’s list.

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