9 Incredible Jurassic World Moments From The Super Bowl Trailer

At this point, it seems like Jurassic World is just taunting us, as June still feels like forever away and this movie can't get here fast enough. Still, it's hard to complain about the Super Bowl spot that dropped today for our enjoyment and anticipation. Not only did the Jurassic World trailer replay some of the thrilling moments from the previously released spot, but we also got some new glimpses, including the horrifying sight of more than one person getting snatched up by a dinosaur. If you haven't seen it yet, check out the spot below...

The new trailer fills in some of the scenes that we saw in the first trailer, beginning with the shark-eating Mosasaurus, who's confirmed to be female. (Should we assume they're all female again?) We also see the Gyropshere ride and Chris Pratt getting chased down. But there was most definitely more to see from this video, so let's take a closer look...

Pratt hands

Chris Pratt has a way with Velociraptors.

The Velociraptors seem to like Chris Pratt. Ok, who isn't a fan of Chris Pratt? He's everywhere lately. But looking at the above snippet from the new trailer, it seems like these dinos really respond to him, and more specifically, his commands. They're certainly not trying to eat him here, and it seems like has the situation under control. We see Pratt with the Velociraptors on the move later on in that scene from the first trailer, which has him on a motorbike, surrounded by the dinos, who appear to be running with him. Interestingly enough, that scene plays just after Pratt is heard saying "We're going after it with everything we got." Everything, including velociraptors?!


In the blink of an eye...

Just a hint of terror in the form of one focusing eyeball lurking in the bushes. Bryce Dallas Howard's character sounds proud of Jurassic World's new attraction. "Think it'll scare the kids?" she ponders. While Pratt drops the ominous suggestion that it's probably not such a good idea to make a new dinosaur.

snatched up

Someone doesn't run fast enough.

Poor guy-in-helmet. The trailer shows him staring upward alongside Chris Pratt, whom we know will likely escape the clutches of the beast staring back at them. Helmet guy isn't so lucky. We see him plucked from the ground mid-run moments later.


Pratt on his back.

Next we see Pratt, he's flat on his back, looking exhausted but protected by something just over him. Nearby are the terrifying teeth of a hungry dino, that seems to be trying to sniff him out. Is it me, or does Pratt's character seem like the kind of guy who knows how to remain relatively calm in terrifying situations?


It's killing for sport.

We see Bryce Dallas Howard and someone else examining a dying dinosaur. It's daylight and they appear to be out in the open, so it doesn't seem like there's any immediate danger here, but this scene does come with the revelation that "it" -- presumably the Indominus Rex -- is killing for sport. Fun!


Bring on the guns.

Not only do we get a glimpse of Pratt holding a gun, but we also see some serious weaponry being used, including shots fired from a above (presumably a helicopter). Think that one guy staring down that massive jaw stands a chance of surviving that confrontation?


The Pterodactyls have arrived.

In the original trailer, we people running in terror. The newest trailer shows us what's pursuing them. These dinosaurs are coming from above, and there's a whole flock of them.


She dropped her purse.

The other person we see getting snatched up is this woman, who appears to be under attack by a smaller pterodactyl just as she's lifted off her feet by a bigger one. And because I'm oddly fixated on the bag in her hand, I'm now imagining her using it as a weapon against little Petrie moments before big-Petrie showed up and carried her off.


We're safe in here, right?

From the moment that gyrosphere appeared in the first trailer, it looked like a death trap. Oh, sure, it'd be cool to roll with the dinosaurs out on the plains in that thing, but no one wants to be trapped inside a giant hamster ball when a massive kill-for-sport dinosaur is on the loose.No one thought to keep its nails trimmed either, as we see one terrifying talon poke through the glass. And we're left hanging with the sight of two children screaming in terror.

Is it June 12 yet?

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