Tonight during the Agent Carter premiere, Marvel Studios officially released the first trailer for Ant-Man. As the final film of Phase Two, the story follows Scott Lang as he becomes the shrinking superhero to help his mentor Dr. Hank Pym to pull off an incredible heist. Among the preview’s more notable features were our first looks at the main players, Scott donning and showing off the Ant-Man suit, some cool-looking winged ants, and plenty of action. The film is already done its job of getting our attention – but we do still have some questions…

Although the nearly two minute trailer gave fans a lot to absorb, there were still many mysteries kept intact. And while we’re pretty sure that it is too late to change the name, there are still five major questions that should be on your mind after watching the Ant-Man footage debut. But first, let's watch that trailer again, shall we?
Now, on to the questions...

Is This The Tone To Expect?
Is This The Tone To Expect?
Despite primarily being a superhero film, Ant-Man has been touted as being more comedic than most Marvel films - especially since Paul Rudd is playing the lead role and he and Adam McKay rewrote most of the script. However, this trailer opted to go for a more serious approach and have Hank Pym delivering a heavy monologue about second chances and doing right by the people you love. There were some lighter moments from Scott’s "Huh…" and asking if they could change the name, but otherwise this preview was closer to a darker, more typical superhero teaser. Does this indicate that Ant-Man will be more serious than we were led to believe, or will we still get the light-hearted superhero movie that we were promised? Maybe the next trailer will give us something closer to that.

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