The Arkenstone The Hobbit
The Arkenstone Is Everything
When Smaug took over the Lonely Mountain, he truly inherited one hell of a treasure. As seen in both the first and second Hobbit movies, the dwarf-built fortification known as Erebor is home to an incredibly huge stockpile of gold – which is actually what drew the dragon to the land in the first place. But while there are many prizes of great worth in the treasure, there is one piece that has value above all else: The Arkenstone.

Far more than just a piece of gold or a fancy stone, the Arkenstone is a bright, white gem that is seen as the royal jewel of Erebor and the right to own of any dwarf king who presides over it. Reacquiring this stone is the most important thing in the world for Thorin Oakenshield - perhaps even more than slaying the dragon that slaughtered his people. When we last saw The Arkenstone in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, Bilbo came upon it while sneaking around Smaug’s treasure.

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