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5 Big Things Star Wars: Episode VII's Title Just Told Us

In case you've been without internet, text messaging, and human contact for the past couple of hours, we just found out that Star Wars: Episode VII has an official title! Say goodbye to Episode VII, and say hello to Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Despite being a good punchline to the fact that the franchise is active for the first time since 2005's Revenge Of The Sith, this title is more than likely a plain sight clue as to what the latest installment in the Star Wars saga holds for us as an audience. Since there's no official explanation just yet, allow us to theorize just what The Force has indeed awoken.

Big Duel

The Force Awakens Old Rivalries

So thirty years after Return Of The Jedi, the universe is no longer under the Galactic Empire's boot. A relative peace and prosperity movement has lead all of the worlds previously ravaged to move back to normalcy, while the Sith are supposedly vanquished and the Jedi do not number more than one. Of course, if Luke Skywalker is merely in exile from the rest of the world, wouldn't it make sense that a Sith or two are out there just waiting for a sign that it's on again?

Papa Palpatine

The Force Awakens Emperor Palpatine

Emperor Sheev Palpatine has been dead for the same thirty some-odd years that the universe has been without a Galactic Empire. However, who said death had to get in the way of a good time, especially considering the man probably studied the fable of Darth Plageus? Yes, much like Nixon in Futurama, Papa Palpatine could indeed be back... and he'd want his throne room completed forthwith!

Senior Vader

The Force Awakens Lord Vader

Again, The Force has been used for immortality, as well as some really weird and malleable purposes, throughout the Star Wars legend. While The Emperor might not come back, there's been even more rumblings (and concept art!) around the possibility that Anakin Skywalker himself could be coming back. Whether he'll be the Anakin who redeemed himself through his son, or the Anakin we saw kick Jedi ass in A New Hope, is another question to be answered.


The Force Awakens In Leia

Going back to the Extended Universe books, it was revealed that Princes Leia Organa was, in fact, "force sensitive" -- meaning she could access The Force, but would need further training to wield and sense it. Yoda did say, "there is another," in the same film that Leia claimed she could sense Luke was always her brother. Looks like we might see Jedi Leia in action!

Solo Kids

The Force Awakens In The Solo Children

If J.J. Abrams and company have not opted to use Leia as a Jedi, then perhaps the big awakening won't be in Leia herself, but instead her and Han Solo's children. Considering how weird Midiclorians can act (i.e. virgin birth,) it wouldn't be at all surprising if the Solo children became Force sensitive themselves, leaving Luke some new Padawans to train and the New Jedi Order just waiting to be formed.

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