It may be hard to remember at this point, but Liam Neeson started his career starring in more serious, low key fare. Sure he had titles like the Dirty Harry movie The Dead Pool and Sam Raimi’sDarkman on his resume to balance out more thoughtful pieces like Husbands And Wives and Shining Through, but once he hit his Schindler's List portion of his career, he made a huge name for himself as a leading man in the dramatic milieu. While Neeson would continue to mix movies like The Haunting and Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace into his filmography, he seemed to skew more towards genre offerings with each passing year. The straw that finally broke the camel's back was the surprise hit that was 2008's Taken.

The era of Oskar Schindler made way for the days of Bryan Mills, and Neeson’s career choices after that point reflected this fact - yielding films like Unknown, Non-Stop, and not one but TWO sequels to Taken. Unfortunately this has saddled Liam Neeson with the albatross of diminishing returns, and for anyone who knew him when he was a solid, just below the radar character actor, it's a hell of a bummer. What happened to the man who was an Oscar contender? What happened to the Neeson who made history dramatically intriguing?

It's time for Liam Neeson to make a severe course correction if he intends to stay on the scene for the foreseeable future. He's recently made some moves to keep himself in the Hollywood game, with A Walk Among The Tombstones looking more like a moody noir film for adults rather than an ass kicking masterpiece, and diverse films like A Monster Calls and Martin Scorsese's Silence both bringing him into new territory and sending him back to more comfortable waters. But the point still remains: without a careful strategy and some better choices, our Liam Neeson reserves might burn out within the decade. Here now are a couple of suggestions as to how Liam Neeson can save his career again.

Liam Neeson Anchorman
He Can Carefully Make His Way Back Into Comedy
With his surprise cameo in Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, as well as his bit part in The LEGO Movie, Liam Neeson made some hay out of his comedic potential recently. He's done this from time to time in his career, with his most recent attempt being Seth MacFarlane’s A Million Ways To Die In The West. Despite the fact that MacFarlane's film was one of the summer's biggest financial letdowns, Neeson shouldn't be discouraged from the lighter side of film.

Even if he continues to make Taken style films, so long as Neeson balances those projects out with ventures into making people laugh, he could keep that train going for a couple of years. He could even mix the action and comedy worlds together like he did in Joe Carnahan's The A-Team, or he could skew toward funny-but-still-quality projects that are geared more towards children. Did you hear that, Pixar? Liam Neeson should be on your shortlist for your next couple of film projects.

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