Over the years, we’ve seen zombies taken out by many different kinds of individuals. It has been a job taken on by reporters, nurses, slackers, U.N. representatives, clerks, soldiers, and many, many more. This fall, however, movie-goers will be able to watch big screen zombie hunters of a much different breed, as Tye Sheridan, Logan Miller and Joey Morgan are about to become cinema’s first boy scout killers of the undead.

Last summer, I joined a small group of other film journalists on a trip to a closed off hotel in Los Angeles to visit the set of director Christopher Landon’s Scouts Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse - getting not only the opportunity to actually watch the movie being filmed, but also talk with the actors and filmmakers responsible for making it. I learned a lot of great stuff while there, so read on for a very special behind-the-scenes preview!

Scouts Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse
There’s A Big Secret Party That Goes All Kinds Of Wrong
Before all of the undead madness begins in Scouts Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse, and the characters are forced to try and save their town, the main mission of Ben (Tye Sheridan), Carter (Logan Miller) and Augie (Joey Morgan) is to try and get to a super-secret high school party that happens to be going down inside a Day-Glo painted, drained indoor pool. As you might imagine, this is actually a pretty sweet spot to hold a get-together, but it actually has a whole lot of downsides during a zombie apocalypse.

A zombie invasion of the "pool party" was what I got to watch unfold during my time on the set of the upcoming film, and it was while talking with director Christopher Landon that I realized the impressive and creative danger of the whole situation. After all, it’s not that big of a deal to escape a flesh-eater when in a big open room, but things become very troublesome when monsters corner you in the deep end. Said Landon,
I started thinking about doing something in an in-ground pool and then realized that if zombies come and attack, there’s really no escape; you just get pushed deeper into the pool. So I think that heightens the fear and the claustrophobia.

If/when the zombie apocalypse does break out, you’re probably going to want to keep this in mind.

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