Among a few major announcements about the newly-reinvigorated Star Wars franchise, it appears that the upcoming first spinoff film has finally been given a title – and it’s one that longtime fans in mourning over Disney's canonical kiboshing of the Expanded Universe (including comics and novels) will be pleased to hear: Rogue One!

With one subtle word of "Rogue" in the title, it becomes clear to die-hards that this film will focus on the long-storied Rogue Squadron of Rebel pilots depicted in comic books, novels and even a popular, groundbreaking series of video games. Now, Godzilla director, Gareth Edwards takes the cockpit of this proverbial X-Wing of a film and confirmed star, Felicity Jones is reportedly locked into the cast. But what should the film actually be about? We have a few ideas…

We’re well aware that Disney won’t adhere to all of these stories strictly, but it is possible to find a narrative framework on which to build. So, with that said, here are five established plots that the film could use.

Plourr Ilo
5. Princess Plourr Ilo Leaves Royalty To Fight Imperials
As far as the 1996 storyline in Dark Horse Comics’ Star Wars: X-Wing Rogue Squadron: The Warrior Princess was concerned, Leia wasn’t the only princess who gave up the good life of luxury and worship to go fight the Empire. Enter Princess Isplourrdacartha Estillo, usually referred to simply as Plourr Ilo. This young royal whose family once ruled the Ado sector of the galaxy, was forced to sit back and witness her Monarch grandfather overthrown by sympathizers to the Galactic Empire. Slowly but surely, she witnessed her kingdom’s sovereignty hemorrhaging away until it was just another glorified garrison.

Sporting a signature shaved head, the resourceful former princess was forced into exile until being recruited by Rebel pilot, Wedge Antilles into joining the forces of the Rebellion. A warrior and skilled pilot in her own right, Plourr Ilo becomes and invaluable member of the Rogue Squadron, befriends a female Mon Calamari Rogue named Ibitsam (Pictured above) and even participates in a mission to rescue Princess Leia from a gang of pirates. That’s movie gold!

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