Among the greatest qualities that Interstellar possesses is the beautiful cinematography provided by director Christopher Nolan and cinematographer Hoyte Van Hoytema. For a film with a lot of brainy science and far out concepts, Interstellar manages to look absolutely stunning, while at the same time remaining grounded with reality-based concepts. Nothing looks out of place, nothing looks too weird, everything is absolutely stunning.

With that in mind, we’ve thought back over the movie and singled out the five most incredible shots Interstellar managed to achieve, leaving us stunned and wide eyed throughout its run time.

Passage Through The Wormhole
Interstellar's visual effects are most extensively shown in sequences where space/spacial anomalies are most prominently featured. One such example that helped make the movie a visual feast was the sequence where the Endurance crew is first mounting their entry into the wormhole. Between the spherical shape of the wormhole itself and the interior effects of said wormhole, the sequence is the first real eye popper of the film, and it doesn't skimp on the beauty.

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