Kill Some Guys
The series is called The Expendables. Why is it that not only does everybody survive, but team members actively risk their lives for each other, like the way the squad randomly breaks buddy Wesley Snipes out of prison in the new movie? They're expendable, they have just about no use to the rest of the world. If they're dragging down a mission, cut them loose. Particularly the older dudes: when Stallone's Barney Ross misses a deadline at the end of The Expendables 3, the team should have realized this was a 67 year old man, and got the hell out of Dodge to save their own skin. Barney would understand.

So if you do this whole thing again, kill some guys. Raise the stakes: it's already a miracle that these older guys can still stand up straight, let alone participate in acrobatics. Having them become basically invincible as they run through a hail of gunfire is approaching parody territory. The next film needs to open with the Expendables on a suicide mission that is actually very much a suicide mission. And you don't even need major casualties: through three movies, the audiences couldn't name one interesting fact about Randy Couture's Toll Road. But having him take a slug to the head would be a reminder that some missions shouldn't feature a bunch of cinematic legends laughing their asses off as they fire millions of rounds into faceless enemies. And speaking of which...

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