Christopher Nolan has made some absolutely stunning films over the course of his career, from Memento to The Dark Knight, and has proven himself to be one of the most creative storytellers currently working in the industry - but he has stirred up some debate with the release of Interstellar. The film has received the most mixed critical response of his career, and while it made a healthy $47 million in its first weekend, it was his first since Insomnia 12 years ago that didn’t open at number one. Of course, this isn’t a cataclysmic disaster, but it does have us thinking about how it should shape Nolan’s future and his next project.

Looking back on the career of Christopher Nolan, weighing his greatest strengths and greatest weaknesses, as well as looking at his trends, we’ve come up with a list of five things that the filmmaker should consider changing about his current work habits as he starts looking for his next directorial adventure. Read on!

Try Out Some More Warmth and Humor
With Interstellar, Christopher Nolan clearly took a few pages out of the Steven Spielberg handbook (most clearly in the relationship between Cooper and Murph), but it would be in the filmmaker’s best interest to take it up another notch with his next feature. It was around the time that Inception was released that critics began noting how strangely cold Nolan’s films tend to be, and while Interstellar was definitely a step in the right direction, that movie is still undercut emotionally by the science behind wormholes and interplanetary travel. While he shouldn’t necessarily go out and try to make a romantic comedy, he should try and pursue a project with the close relationship between two people – be it romantic, familial or friendly – as the central focus of the story.

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