With Brad Bird and Damon Lindelof both serving as the masterminds behind Tomorrowland, it was inevitable that the final cut of the film would wind up being jam packed with Easter Eggs. After all, both of the filmmaker’s resumes are filled with titles that feature tiny little references to either their own past or things that they are fans of. With the film hitting theaters this weekend, I can now tell you that the movie does indeed have a number of fun little goodies specially planted for eagle eyed fans.

Collecting both my own observations, as well as fantastic details revealed to me in one-on-one interviews I did with both Bird and Lindlof, below you’ll find a list of five Easter Eggs to be on to be on the look-out for in Tomorrowland. And be sure to hit the last page as well to learn about the Easter Eggs you definitely won’t find in the film.

The Iron Giant
The Iron Giant Display
Before breaking out in the feature world, Brad Bird was best known for his work on the small screen – working on shows like The Simpsons and The Critic , but it was The Iron Giant that wound up changing everything. The beautiful and emotional animated film proved that Bird had what it takes to be a big name in movies, and in the years since he has lived up to that promise. Because of this, it’s only appropriate that Tomorrowland make reference to it. When Casey (Britt Robertson) arrives at the Blast From The Past toy shop in the first half of the film, check out the display shelf on the left side of the wall opposite the door. It’s a full shelf of Iron Giant memorabilia!

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