The Bumpuses From A Christmas Story
It would be one thing if the Bumpuses were content to keep to themselves, trashing up their own yard and acting like confused hillbillies. Then, they could be written off as mere annoyances or in a positive light, the neighborhood eccentrics. Unfortunately, their army of flea-infested dogs is simply too disruptive to be ignored. Like an invasive species, they set their gazes on a habitat and quickly cause as much damage as possible.

There’s no defense, really, at least not until The Old Man gets around to fixing the hole in the fence. Until then, there’s easy access into the Parker yard and apparently on Christmas morning, easy access into the Parker home. That’s right. These little bastards, on account of their lazy and indifferent owners, have no problem sneaking into another house and eating up the holiday turkey like the vicious, uncouth animals they are. At that point, all that’s left to do is stick your head out the window and shout "Sons of bitches!" Damn those, Bumpuses. Damn them straight back to the boonies.

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