Marvel has so many moving pieces at the moment. The Avengers are trying to figure out how to stop Ultron. Civil War is on the horizon. And Paul Rudd is shrinking down for Ant-Man.

But one lingering mystery swirls constantly around the possible casting of Dr. Stephen Strange for a solo, standalone movie that Marvel has been meaning to mount for a while now. The character was name-dropped in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Kevin Feige has been shopping around for the right lead, getting close to some (like Joaquin Phoenix) and missing on others (like Keanu Reeves). On the heels of the rumor that Ewan McGregor might be up for the part, Variety laid out six surprising names that reportedly are on the studio’s short list to play Doctor Strange. Are they legit? Could this happen? Let’s run through the latest options.

Jared Leto
Jared Leto
Why he would do it: Leto has been lobbying for the part of Doctor Strange for years (if you believe reports). And while he largely has occupied the fringe of the film industry in movies like Chapter 27 or Lonely Hearts, he’s at the hottest point of his career after an Oscar-winning turn in Dallas Buyers Club. A role in a superhero franchise could cement his career financially, if not artistically.

Why he wouldn’t do it: Well, actors who win Oscars rarely snatch up superhero properties immediately after. Jared Leto should have clout to choose whatever project he wants. He’s also, in his free time, a touring musician with the rock outfit 30 Seconds to Mars – so signing a long-term contract with Marvel might interfere with his rock-star calendar. Still, Variety says Leto is "aggressively pursuing" the part, so let’s see if Marvel likes the fit.

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