We’re a little over two years from Aquaman leading his own solo movie, which is coming on the heels of his Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice cameo and his major role in Justice League. While it’s already been confirmed that Jason Momoa and Amber Heard will reprise the eponymous hero and Mera, respectively, there’s been no official word yet on who Aquaman’s villain will be. However, recently director James Wan talked about how interesting he found Aquaman’s cast of characters, but wouldn’t reveal which bad guy he’ll use in the movie. Note his use of plural.

It looks like fans can expect to see multiple Aquaman baddies when his movie arrives in 2018, but the question now is who Wan and the creative team have in mind. Having looked over Aquaman’s decades-long history, we’ve selected the seven best candidates for being brought into the DC Extended Universe. Not all of these villains would work as main antagonists, but they’re worthy enough to be brought to the big screen to tangle with the Atlantean hero. First up…

Black Manta
Black Manta
Black Manta is without a doubt Aquaman’s most recognizable foe, so he’s obviously the first evil candidate that comes to mind for the Aquaman movie. He is a ruthless treasure hunter who has been using his high-tech diving suit (complete with a helmet that shoots laser blasts) and fighting skills to antagonize Aquaman in the comics since 1967. The New 52 took their feud to a more personal level after Arthur accidentally killed Manta’s father when he actually meant to kill Manta for attacking his own father, Thomas Curry. Black Manta has cemented himself as Aquaman’s arch-nemesis, so using him as the movie’s main antagonist would be a great way to swing strong. Besides, just look at his costume! He’s one of the most visually distinctive bad guys in the DC Universe, and that look is just begging to be brought into live action.

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